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  • i have parkinsons disease ik would liker to try medical mariphara
  • I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. I read if I got a letter from my GP to say I require it for the medicinal purpose that would be enough. No way my DR went off the deep end. He said it has not been approved by the AMA. He further said frankly I have better things to do than talking to you! I’ve been with this DR for years over 10 years! It is still an illegal substance(he exclaimed.) It wouldn’t surprise me if he called the Police.
  • My story highlights how cannabis prohibition wastes precious government resources.

    I was caught with a small amount of cannabis at home, arrested and put through the court system. I have a professional career in science and teaching, I play sports, engage in community events and enjoy travelling. The judge was made aware of this, so he took that into consideration and fined me (no criminal record) and ordered me to attend one counselling session. The counsellor said, “I don’t know why they’ve bothered sending you here. You don’t smoke much. I suggest you smoke joints instead of bongs from now on.”

    The solution to the wasted resources: Legalise and regulate cannabis the same way as tobacco. Use the tax revenue for education and regulation. Police its use in public spaces just like alcohol. It’s highly likely there would be a marginal increase in adult use due to legalisation, but it’s better than having the industry run by violent organised crime groups who have no qualms about selling it to our youth.
  • I have experienced being a victim to drugs, when I was at my first local disco, near school, I was drugged via older boys that put amphetamines in our alcohol, which a few girls shared, I apparently had the most, and could not see with my eyes, my body shut down, I was taken home via many students of the school who were at the disco that night. The next day the detectives came to my parents home, and said that I could have died, all I remember was banging into the bedroom walls and not being able to control the rage. Another time was going down south to Margaret River, and we stopped at a party, again I had my drink spiked and ended up doing spins outside the front house, in a fetus position, all I remember is being in the back of a car where a kind doctor picked me up and took me to hospital. I survived but will never allow my drinks to be left alone or share a drink ever again. Please pass it on, and tell a friend watch your drinks at parties, and leave when you feel uncomfortable. Stay safe people
  • i have been trying for the last few months to get accsess to medical marijuana after my pain specialist said he whould prescribe it and its all bull the government say there is no accsess outside clinical trials only way is to import yourself but so far nobody has been granted permission to do so although there are applications awaiting approval so legal medical marijuana is a big bag of government bull**** yet again when will someone who knows about this get given permission to do it properly instead of the government blowing hot air up our asses
  • i have a drugs in my house im laying in bed with coke with me and its already creaked up with a bit off rumbo in it and i have pot plate next to me I don’t know what it is but it gives me somew coll powers.
  • Firstly, no illicit drug is a good or safe drug .

    Every human being has a different metabolism and for those who can take a drug of choice (safe or not) and have (according to them) no lingering effects, there are hundreds if not thousands who cannot. Are these same people going to introduce it to their children, nephew or nieces or other children or young adults around them as something that is safe and ok??? Are they going to be personally responsible for the future of these same children and their future reaction or ability to take drugs with caution or cop the fallout and destruction of those who cant.

    A child is born with a unique footprint which comes from the DNA which we give them but which can go back thousands of years. Combined with that of the other partner, we have no knowledge of what will or will not harm our children – they are not us and only time will show us.

    There are those who by their very nature are a prisoner of addiction – (to many things) and there are those who are not. An example of this is those who smoke cigarettes only in a social setting and those who embrace the habit full time. This of course falls across the line of many addictive habits – drinking, drug taking, gambling etc.

    It matters little as to who controls the drugs that are taken, the reality is that someone is making money from it with no responsibility for the outcomes.

    There is nothing we can do nor are we at fault for either physical or mental damage that others around us have forced upon us as children or even as young adults. What we are responsible for is ensuring that those in this position get the best available help to assist the mending process and I do not believe that this should include the taking of illicit drugs – controlled or not.

    I have lived long enough to have seen three generations and the fourth being born now. I was young when the world was swept by the hippie storm with free love, psychedelic drug experiences and have seen the wave of anti social behaviour , destruction of the family unit, violence and physical abuse both against partners and children and other members of society . Is this progress??

    I have seen young people who will never know a true life due to the destruction of their mental capacity solely due to drugs. The damage is too great. The damage is sometimes for a lifetime.

    I have seen families torn apart, children badly damaged and scarred due to drug taking by either one or both parents.

    I look after my granddaughter who is now 7 years old. She asks me why she can’t have a family like everyone else. Why can’t her father be her father and love her and why does he have to take drugs. She tells me her life is busted. How can I tell her that drug taking is ok. How can I tell her that what her father does is ok when he has caused so much emotional and financial misery to us all. Would drugs help me sleep at night when I am aware that one of my children may not see the sun come up each morning –NO.

    There are millions of people in this world who will never take drugs, have no addictive habits, who live productive lives both in and out of a family environment. Why can they do this without help from an outside substance? Have they learned a lesson or maintained a commitment that drug users have not?.

    Drugs have never loved anyone, clothed or fed them, made them safe or provided the necessities of life. It has never trained them or shown them a better way. Look around the streets at night, see the hopelessness and feel the pain. Talk to my granddaughter or the other countless thousands of other children who are not tucked up each night in a loving home with their parents and tell them this is all ok – We just have to make it safer. Tell the small children who are facing many years of different homes in a system that cannot cope with the fallout – this is ok?.

    Instead of looking at how we make taking drugs safer, lets look at how we can make the world better for our children and ourselves so we wont need to take a substance to feel “happy and relaxed “ from the stress of our lives. As an adult, we must make the choices in how we live our lives and also be responsible for our own happiness – not hand it over to a substance. We must also take responsibility for what we believe in and how it impacts on those around us. No-one should assume the responsibility that they can answer for anyone else but themselves and no one should say its ok to hand over our lives or happiness to a “substance”.
  • I have seen two friends die of heroin overdoses in the 1990’s. One friend, died in his own vomit in a toilet of a university in footscray. He was a very nice person with mental health issues who would give you the shirt off his back and he did not deserve to die this way. I have also recently seen the effects of the ICE epidemic and how its effects, and lack of support for addicts, are ripping families apart. I have seen this first hand as my partner of 20 years became addicted to ice when we were going through a separation. She also has some mental health issues and due to the lack of community mental health support, turned to drugs to dull the pain of our separation. This ensured any chance of our reconciliation went up in smoke, literally.
    DRUGS DESTROY LIVES, they are dangerous and they need to be regulated and dispensed by doctors or pharmacists, NOT DRUG DEALERS. We would save so much money legalising drugs. Police could focus on crime, courts would be more able to deal with real criminals ( murderers, rapists, child molesters ) we would save on jails, save on hospitals and ambulances , crime would reduce ( when users have their fix they don’t need to rob people. ) And all these savings along with the revenue and taxes from drug sales, could fund real services to help addicts and their families. Also the stigma of being a drug addict would only be just that, whereas now, a drug addict is seen as a criminal, they are forced to the fringes of society. If this is how we treat people who have an addiction, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

    Especially those of you who say ‘addicts have a choice and they deserve no pity’. You have probably had a life with out mental illness and/or good mentors who have guided you to make good choices in life, thus you have probably never fallen to the ills of drug use. YOU ARE LUCKY and should be proud of your self for your ability to be a upstanding member of society. But I think that if you are unable to display empathy to those less fortunate than you, and instead ridicule and devalue others because of their situations. Then you are far more a part of the ills of this world than you think you are.
    People need help sometimes, good people often go astray and just need a loving, guiding hand to get back on track. Should we just write them off? alienate them from our communities? throw them in jail? All because they have turned to drugs to dull their pain or whatever other reason? I think not, the solution is not a war on drugs and addicts, we need a war on drug addiction (counselling and rehab is a good start).
  • I have smoked Marijuana since I was a teen.

    I have also tried other drugs like:

    *Alcohol, which made me feel agro & agitated. I was always looking for a fight. So I stopped & I’ll be lucky to have a 6 pack of bear within a year. Hate feeling drunk!

    *Smoked Heroin x3 times. DID NOTHING TO ME? So I didn’t bother with it.

    *Popped Ecstasy pills & yes I liked it but HATED the come down so much that it turned me off.

    *Tried Acid trips. Fun but too intense for my liking.

    *Tried Cocaine numerous times & didn’t see the big WOW thing about it?

    *Tried Speed, Base & other amphetamines but didn’t like it.

    I have been on Oxy Contin (which made me feel like an Oxy Moron, Endones (which made me suicidal), Valium & heaps of other “LEGAL” prescription drugs & all had negative effects on me.

    I have always enjoyed Marijuana & could not understand what the big deal is with legalization for it?

    The things Marijuana helps me with:




    *Chronic pain which I have & Marijuana helps 150% better then prescription pills.

    *Getting off prescription pills!


    *Enjoying life & nature

    *Thinking deeply & opening my eyes to this BS world we live in.

    The list can go on & on…

    I worked on the mine sites where Drug & Alcohol tests are performed & I passed each one, even though I was smoking synthetic stuff (Next best thing but scary but I had a good paying job.

    Now I am finding it hard to find work due to the Drug tests, especially the urine test.

    The urine test is Discriminatory & (in my eyes) is an invasion of my privacy.

    Discrimination? Yes, Any other Hard drug is out of your system within 2 days, where as Marijuana takes a long time to get out of the system (took me 3 months & 3 weeks to clean up, but I was smoking daily). So a Urine test will give you a positive even though you are not impaired after a few weeks. Is it fair? So Drug tests are the Gateway to heavier drugs.

    A good majority of people I know on the mines are on Ice, Heroin, Cocaine, Psychedelics & god knows what else but they are there making the BIG $$$ because they can pass a Drug test.


    Invasion of privacy? Yes, Drug tests pick up Marijuana in your system even though you are not impaired, thus, you get punished for something you did at home, NOT AT WORK!

    I have always worked & tried staying away from Centrelink like it has Ebola but thanks to the drug tests I am forced to apply for the Dole now.

    How is that fair? Im responsible, hard working & over all a good average guy who has dreams BUT I like to have a few cones after work instead of having a drink.

    Now, how is this fair? You drink alcohol & next morning you blow 0’s but are you fit for work?

    Hell no. You will have a headache, feel down & out, agitated, irritated & you are definitely working harder on your everyday tasks.

    I smoke weed, feel relaxed, enjoy my dinner, enjoy watching TV, have such a good sleep, wake up rested with no side effect or feeling stoned (This is just me, not speaking for everyone else)

    & I’m good to go.

    So my story is that a good person who is not a criminal (Don’t go saying I break the law which was made to accommodate Big pharmaceuticals because we all break the law one way or another) who wants to work & contribute to society but is forced to 1, Stop what I enjoy,

    2, Forced to try Alcohol or Harder drugs if I want to work.

    So I guess I’m going to Centrelink & get some of my TAX money back & look for work cash in hand. What choice do I have?

    I could go on & on but even this letter will fall on death ears.

    What a world we live in.

  • I am writing on behalf of really close friend, who is a mother to three beautiful children with her youngest being days old (cancer free), she is a wife, she is a daughter and she is one of my best friends. She has had problems with lymph node cancer for a number of years now, and from an observers perspective, all I have seen is a woman who leads a very stressful life and is in need of a genuine break from being a mum, a wife and a daughter… She needs some time out, just for herself. However with the demands of everyday life taking their toll, it wasn’t long before her health began to suffer.

    She was diagnosed last Tuesday with melanoma (again) and did not know how to tell me. Naturally I was shocked… Not so much with the diagnosis as she has had it cut away from her lymph nodes twice, but it was more to do with her time left! What does anyone say to such a thing?! Her words struck me when she said that her time left sounded so final. What do I say!?! Well, I told her to get a second opinion! ;) Granted I was just trying to lighten the air around such a serious finding, but we both understood how serious this is. So on a more serious note, I also told her to look into cannabis oil. Now this is something that she would love to do, however time is not exactly on her side.

    I have been furiously searching everywhere for clinical trials, especially for QLD but there is still nothing available (let alone going), and I’m not sure if it will become available. We agree that GMO cannabis oil is not what we are looking for. We want the cannabis oil that has been successful in many overseas countries. What is wrong with that oil? Why can Australia not incorporate this oil? It is incredibly frustrating. How many people out there who have cancer, are missing out on cannabis oil treatment due to legal or medical restrictions!? People deserve the right to make their own decisions!

    All I want to do is to help my friend… and what I’d really like to see is for her to get better so that she can watch all of her children grow up! I just wish I could put her in touch with some/anyone offering cannabis oil treatments/trials in QLD
  • I have chronic renal failure and was taking over twenty tables in the morning and again in the afternoon. The drs would always miss diagnose me and would change the pills. I started to understand and know the feel of my body. So I started changeing my dosage behind the drs back who thought it was him making the levels good in my test results but I still felt horrible so then started to smoke cannabis while slowly stop the meds. Now all I do is live a normal life no restrictions no feeling shit no unnatural chemicals going into my body.
  • i am a survivor of domestic violence i suffered many years abuse which had left me with injury’s that have left scars not only in my memory , i have a chipped spine which causes me pain every time i walk i have a foot that was broken in three places , i have ptsd ,i have emotional scars that may heal with time , but the physical ones will stay with me for the rest if my life ,marijuana helps me to sleep and helps relieve the pain. i am in , i watched my mother use medication for years which in the end it took her life and the alcohol did not help her ether, she use to use that to wash the pills down with, you see my mum use to carry two hand bags one for her pills her uppers and downers and the other for her every day things . now you know why i get stoned, i don’t go out much as i prefer to stay home and try and live in peace in such a cruel world in which we live now i am a 70s child i remember lots of things like the blue sky we don’t have any more due to them spraying chem rails look up you will see them and i don’t agree to genetically modified marijuana for many reasons it is home grown or nothing .

    So, if anybody ever tells you that GMOs are completely safe for consumption, it’s not true. We just don’t know enough about them to make such a definitive statement. A lot of evidence actually points to the contrary.














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  • thank you to our government for doing the right thing to save lives with the cannabis oil. my wife had only a few weeks to live and after 3 weeks of using the thc and cbd oil she is starting to prosper and i feel she may have a chance now. this plant is a god sent and it is a blessing. this plant should only be used on sick people and not to use it for other than that.
  • When I was 11 years old, two young men abducted me took me into the bush tied me between two trees and abused me and plotted my death for over 6 hours.

    I’ve spent my life dealing with the physical and emotional reactions one has to this type of tramua and had issues with alcohol and benzodiazapam. I tried almost all medications available but found the only thing that helped was cannabis, it was also the only thing that allowed me to travel and volunteer overseas because it was not very addictive and I was able to go on and off as needed with nothing more that a handful of slightly moody days.

    Right now relying on drug dealers to supply me and not being able To grow a plant that helps me myself amoungst my garden is overwhelmingly depressing and hard to swallow, it makes me feel like a prisoner of corrupt lies and those needing money. The very idea that I could be so easily criminalised and loose my ability to work or find employment seems unbareable.

    when you look at he police hours spent, and money spent on criminalising people like me while on top of this circumstance I have experienced 4 other occasions of being sexually attacked and I’ve been robbed three times and no one has ever been held responsible For the crimes committed against me, but they are happy to spend more time and tax payer money on criminalising me then reapplying that time and engergy into real crimes.

    Why do I bother trying to live In this environment, I want my freedom. I’ll happily die before I’ll put up with the injustice of being criminalised.
  • I hurt my back lifting a TV resulted in sciatic pain in my lower back and left leg. The pain was unbearable and left me bed ridden for several weeks. The x-ray scan revealed a severely bulged disc in my lower back placing pressure on the sciatic nerve. The doctor recommended surgery and a mix of pain killers. A naturopath recommended a low inflammation diet. A physio recommended certain stretches and exercises. The pain still persisted after 1 year. Reaching the conclusion I would need invasive surgery to keep the pain under control, I first asked a friend I use to go to gym with if Steroids would help promote joint padding . He suggested I try a steroid called Oxymetholone aka Anadrol. Asking my doctor if he could prescribe some, the doctor refused and instead wrote another prescription for pain killers. Going back to my friend, he was kind enough to supply me with a 1 month supply. He also educated me on how to take them to ensure I get all the benefits and non of the side effects. Within 3 days of taking them my pain was gone. I stopped taking the pain killers. I felt strong and able to return to normal life. Going back to my doctor and describing my success, he had little to say other than he would not prescribe them. To be safe I asked if I could get a blood/liver/kidney check to which he agreed. The results showed Anadrol had no impact. After 3 months of taking Anadrol I discontinued my usage to prevent side effects and I also wanted to check if the benefits were lasting. The pain never returned! To this day I’m grateful to my friend for providing me with a path that was not painkillers and surgery. I only wish my doctor would have been more supportive to alternatives, even if he did not fully approve. It worries me that my success story could have turned out the other way. What if the Anadrol supplied was counterfeit and poisonous? What happened if my friend didn’t provide me with good advice on how to take them? What would happen to me if the police caught me in possession of Anadrol? My life could have ended up very different.
  • I am 52 years old I have been happily married for 30 years and have 4 beautiful children, I am a Christian man and a Deacon at the River City Church in Taree NSW.I have been smoking and using cannabis in it’s various forms for 40 years and have never experienced a bad effect from it, although I have been getting in trouble with the law and police the entire time I have been using cannabis, I got my first criminal record at 14 for possession and utensils( bong) and then started a constant endless circle of arrest and my home being raided for cannabis, even my wife and children had to endure this terror brought on through prohibition of a herb, things got a lot worse in 2013 when I was diagnosed with Terminal liver cancer and given 2 years to live, my wife and I went on line looking for natural cures for cancer and low and behold all we were finding was information about cannabis oil cures cancer, I thought well I know how to grow the stuff so let’s do this and make oil to try and save my life, after doing this and beating cancer in 8 weeks, totally cured no sign of cancer, the police came to our property on an unrelated visit at Wich time the police officer said he could smell cannabis so called in the goon squad and found cannabis I was growing for my cancer treatment, I was charged with large scale indoor advanced hydrophobic cultivation even though the plants were not hydrophobic and supply of a commercial quantity of cannabis because of the amount found, I was released on bail, afew weeks later I was contacted by hundreds of sick & dying people who wanted cannabis oil to try as a cure for their Terminal illness, I decided to grow and make medicine for 3 people, a 67 year old male with nose throat and pallet cancer, a 7 year old boy from Victoria with a 3 cm brain tumor and a little girl with multiple brain tumors who was in bear cottage palliative care on morphine, as a Christian man of God I felt it was my duty to help these people so I set about growing and preparing to make medicine for them. Three days before picking their medicine I was raided by police and refused bail even whilst telling the police and court what and who I was doing this for, I was remanded in custody for 10 months awaiting trail, so on 2 lots of separated charges for major commercial coltivation of cannabis and supply cannabis two sick & dying people I faced Taree District Court, we supplied medical evidence about my liver cancer and had people turn up to court that I was helping with cannabis medicine, all charges were dropped and I was told to go home with no further action, then 4 months later ther police raided my home again even though they know I am one of the most known cannabis medicine suppliers in NSW all free of charge, I was charged again and put through the courts, the whole time being harassed by the local police at every turn, the court through out the charges when police were found to be telling lies in statements & falsifying evidence so it looked like these police had a major fix on me and an axe to grind, then in late 2015 I caught three of the same detectives placing cameras at the back of my property trying to catch me again even though they know I am a compassionate medical cannabis advocate,

    All this for a plant that has never caused me a problem and a plant that so many Australians want access to for their health and the police and the law have done nothing to change my mind, I will as long as I live smoke and consume cannabis and fight for it’s totall and complete legalization. Peace and love to all my fellow cannabis warriors
  • I started smoking pot at the age of 12, it was easily obtained on the Northern Beaches of Sydney during the very early 70’s. I smoked recreationally until I was involved in a serious MVA (1977) in which I suffered severe head and facial injuries, neck and upper torso injuries. During rehabilitation I was prescribed many drugs, Codeine, Mogadon, Valium, Dilantin and more. The effects of theses drugs were horrific, I decided to use Cannabis as a means of coping with the other drugs …. eventually weaning myself of all prescription drugs by using only cannabis.

    In 1979 I was convicted of possession, utensils and all that goes with it. Within 18 months I had been caught 3 times with pot and utensils … this was the start of my criminal convictions. I don’t know how many times I’ve been charged with pot related offences since then, it seriously would reach 70+ charges. I have previously been blatant when carrying or having pot in my home, it was my meds, something I needed morning, noon and night.

    I have spent time in jail on a few occasions, have been placed on probation and had suspended jail terms. Every few years I get caught, even at my age (56) I am on a “suspended” 28 month jail term for possession and growing a few plants on my farm. If it weren’t for a great Lawyer I’d be in jail now.

    Now I can’t smoke, I have been on fortnightly and monthly (2yrs) urine testing, until next week. They (doc’s and physics) have me on some weird shit, antidepressants, pain relief etc, a cocktail which doesn’t work as effectively as a good old fashion smoke of my home grown …. oh, they tell me I will be on these prescription drugs for the remaining years of my life. 👎

    I am happily married, I have a beautiful wife, 3 great daughters and a terrific son, I am also a grandfather. None of my family smoke pot or consume cannabis or any other illicit drug. My use has not turned them into drug addicts, it has actually opened their eyes to medicinal use of cannabis. Their story is a brutal one, not only have they had to watch me suffer with chronic conditions, they have had to suffer while I’ve been in jail, when I’ve had to pay big fines and when they are involved in a police raid. And now that I can’t grow a plant or 2, my family suffers because I have to pay someone for a bag of weed (meds) …. my wife works part time and I am on DSP.

    Time to stop the bullshit, we don’t need studies, there are models around the world that are working fantastically. Prohibition has NOT worked, it has put us back 80+ years of understanding this wonder plant and the many benifits for mankind.

    Get with the times – REALIZE LEGALIZE Australia !
  • I was addicted to Heroin for many years and had been to rehab many time without success. I’d get out after a short stay in Rehab but after a time always decided to have just one last hit. Inevitably the one led to more, many many until I was addicted again. The last time I was in rehab I learned a simple trick that escapes most addicts. There is no more “just one more”. I remember feeling remorse at this relevation, like loosing an old friend but it has kept me safe for the last 20 years.