Australia legislates for 100% GMO Biotech Cannabis not Marijuana

A recent Survey by Roy Morgan Research shows 91% of Australians are supportive of medical Cannabis.

Medicinal Marijuana

However, what most people do not know is that the Cannabis Australia is allowing to be imported for the first time includes GMO Cannabis. GMO or Genetically Modified Organism Cannabis has been around since 2011 due to breakthroughs in research and Biotechnology by Ethan Russo and GW UK helping in the process. In 2014 even newer GMO Cannabis strains has been introduced.

In early April 2016 as we speak, an Australian delegation is traveling to Asia to look at GMO Cannabis with no THC, and in mid-2016 brings the who’s who of the GMO Biotech Cannabis community to NSW for a conference. There is a real danger that GMO will take over as the dominant medical Cannabis seed stock.

What is Wrong with GMO Cannabis? - Too early to tell, and that is the problem. The medicine people have been using and having success with is not even being offered in Australia for those that need it most. The GMO Biotech Cannabis has seen deaths (Epidiolex) in trials that have ‘passed’ and other GMO (like Sativex) have failed trials and tests. In Fairness it would be wrong to say with Cannabis with over 100 cannabinoids including CBD and THC, and totaling over 483 other compounds GMO might hold many wonders for medicine. Outside of Australia GMO is being used, tested or trialed but not instead of real Cannabis or real Cannabis products. This is where Australia is differentiating.

So What is Cannabis Now? – This hit home about a year ago on a visit to large grow in California USA, and to Denver, where I was discussing the issue people had in Australia with calling weed, ‘Marijuana’ “so we tend to call it Cannabis as it is the genus name anyhow (sort of)”. The large grower with an acre of plants asked the question. What is Cannabis exactly? This was no prank, they had heard the word, but were confused over it. As silly as that seems this is also one of the largest issues hiding the GMO in Australia in 2016, and most are not even aware of it yet, but they will be. Currently, there is a massive lack of clarity on what Cannabis is with the government choosing not to be transparent over this and in 2016 they have made this worse in new Federal and State laws and Bills. I personally got the question asked and answered in the Senate in Victoria with a new more detailed, and still foggy definition.

GMO Biotech Cannabis Vs Real Cannabis (Marijuana)

Even in a recent (30 March 2016) survey from the Australian Department of Health (DOH) on Cannabis usage via the NCPIC, it offers 3 distinct definitions of their own for Cannabis that HAS not been used in bills or recent law changes. They are;

  1. Non-medical Cannabis: - Marijuana/Cannabis defined as being greater than 3% THC
  2. Cannabis for medical purposes-: - is the same Cannabis/Marijuana but used for Medicinal Purposes
  3. Medicinal Cannabis: - Pharmaceutical Cannabis products in a form other than flower/plant.

Unfortunately, this leaves another 2 Cannabis terms not properly defined, yet covered off in the same survey.

GMO Cannabis – Cannabis made from genetically modified seed science and used by the likes of GW UK, some call this synthetic Cannabis, and the preferred supplier per the Australian Government and is legal in Australia when provided by an authorized supplier in a non-flower form.

Industrial Hemp  is typically defined by the TGA as Cannabis being less than 3% THC.

What We Know So Far - Not Confused Yet?

By itself, all of this is confusing but manageable. Unfortunately, in recent, state Bills (QLD, and Victoria) and recent Federal Framework Bills, they have chosen not to define things this way and instead are reverting to older 1937 UN definitions of Cannabis combining all 5 different products per above as simply “Cannabis”. These old 1937 definitions have not been used for decades so their re-introduction is purposeful and with intent.

This makes the interpretation of new bills and legislature difficult as when words such as Medical Cannabis are then used since it combines 5 different possibilities of products all with different issues to consider. Outside of Australia some of these problems also exist where CBD / Cannabis Oil can be any of the 5 items. In recent legislation in Australia MPs discussed how Cannabis Oil helped this person or that person and was purchased illegally (this makes it Marijuana/Cannabis) then goes on to say medicinal Cannabis trials will take place (providing pharma like Epidiolex, or Nabiximol).

This sort of action then starts the wheels in motion of confusion for the majority and embeds distrust for those that understand the impact of that statement. Even some self-defined Cannabis Activist messiahs, have ignored the issues, further splintering progress on law reform as they also pursue GMO Cannabis hoping the population does not see the difference until it is too late.

Recent announcements in the media that medical Cannabis is now going to be legal has stopped many from pursuing the facts any further. Whilst the media chooses to not ask questions, filing it in the it is too hard basket.

Some Facts – Due to something called the “Entourage Effect of the Plant” was discovered by GW UK (Dr. Ethan Russo) in 2009-2011 and the ECS (endo cannabinoid system) complimenting the discovery of THC and the discovery of the entourage effect of the body in 1968. It simply says Marijuana (that in its natural state has a ratio of 10-15:1 THC to CBD and) as a medicine acts a certain way. Any deviation from this requires some form of biotech where that medicine works differently than natural Cannabis/Marijuana (and is where GW UK Epidiolex, or Nabiximol were created out of) has different ratios of CBD and THC compared to the natural ratios discussed above.

Cannabis chart

Medical Implications – When a new modified strain of marijuana was offered to a child with seizures in Denver USA, years ago for a girl name Charlotte Figi, with Dravet syndrome a new Cannabis strain called Charlotte’s Web was born. It had very low THC and very high CBD. Unfortunately, over time it was reported that Charlotte needed a different strain due to the low potency of THC meaning the CBD did not work as well, and due to what is believed a tolerance was built up to the very low THC. This problem has been repeated by many leading people to believe Dravet syndrome would be effectively an ECS deficiency, when CBD stops the seizures 100% but strong full spectrum Cannabis products work when the GMO biotech strains do not.

There’s No Place like Genome - When Canadian Dr Jonathan Page and his team mapped the marijuana genome in 2011, using the Purple Kush strain of Cannabis they also looked at hemp with no THC. It was highlighted the chemical pathway with hemp and marijuana is different so is a different medicine, that acts differently.

Summary Links

  • QLD has announced it will follow NSW in Synthetic Cannabis –
  • NSW Announces Trials – ,,
  • Victoria announces Medical Cannabis Products -
  • Medical Hemp Association warns against CBD only medicine and laws -

Lose the High, Lose 90% of the Medicine*  – effectively THC and CBD work in harmony, as mentioned due to the entourage effect. Marijuana has naturally a 10-15:1 ratio of THC to CBD normally. This means Cannabis with potency of 15% THC (which is pretty high) might only have 1% CBD. When concentrated to oil this can be 4-5 times stronger increasing the potency to 60% THC and 1% CBD. This means High CBD and Low THC GMO Cannabis works on some conditions, some of the time. Full Spectrum Natural Cannabis and Cannabis Products works on those same conditions and many more.

* The Biotechnology of Cannabis (2nd edition) Sam Zwenger PhD - Extreme Publications inc New York - 2014.

By Loren Wiener, writer and commentator on Medicinal Marijuana and related issues. Producer of This Week in Weed TV.

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  • John Holm
    I was put on a trial, and was assured it was all natural. It wasn’t, it was synthetic. And it nearly killed me. My advise is , trust no one when it comes to your health, do your own thorough research, then make your choices on what you seem best. Synthetic marijuana is only used, because the Americans have every possible patient you could possibly think of covered. So the money’s not their for us nationally, so business being what it is, they go synthetic, and the resulting evidence of sickness sand death associated with this decision can only serve to again demonize cannabis, and be a win for big pharmacy and population control. Still, YOUR CHOICE
  • Caelan Hart
    Real cannabis is just that… REAL CANNABIS. Not “marijuana”. The word marijuana/marihuana is rooted in the original racism behind the beginning of prohibition.
  • Anne Krestensen
    The Australians say no to Synthetic drugs.
    Our government uses that slogan in ads.
    We want Quality of life….
    Full plant cannabis as medicine….
  • Simon Seawright
    Australia Moves Towards 100% GMO Biotech Cannabis instead of Marijuana
  • Greg Green
    Admin Loren: I have combined all " Greg Green" comments.

    Interestingly the story was written in April 2016. Since then in Australia, we have had multiple bills passed reinforcing this story. We have had Australia’s first and only legal purchase of Cannabis (imported from Canada) and it only took 18 months, and the QLD bill pass that now legally redefines synthetics as Cannabis. Also, the ODC (Office of Drug Control), confirmed in writing and publically, that potency of THC and CBD, or even if an Australian defined hemp below 1% THC does not matter ANYTHING" is “Medical Cannabis” if it is intended to be used for that. This was also the wording used in the QLD bill.

    BTW – If anyone thinks that GW Pharma, is NOT GMO please call the TGA 1800 020653 and ask for a pharmacist, per a query on Guidance 21 of the TGA guidance on GMO, ( . Your question is, “the understanding per the site, is that all products that are GMO, must be registered as such. You note that GW Pharma has not signed as being GMO and has not signed as NOT being GMO per the TGA own guidelines” . “Can you please clarify if this was an accidental omission and that GW Pharma is NOT GMO please”. I have asked the TGA twice and GW 3 times for such clarification. The TGA raised issues of national security with me the last time, (GMO gets into security stuff), but no confirmations. This was done before and after posting the story.

    Gregg’s comments / questions at the bottom I reply at the top.
    Admin / Author Loren Replies

    • This article – Was written in April 2016, it is not about “IF or WHERECBD high Cannabis exists or not, the story is about legislation in Australia. However, I will venture down the rabbit hole again, as “fake greg green” (we don’t know your real name) is likely known to us all, as it sounds like you might have a vested interest in GW Pharma, & CBD but happy to play along.
    • Concerns over CBD Sales in Australia – Are a concern as big pharma moves in, especially around safety and lack of testing as MOST natural cannabis that has been used for medicine has NOT been high CBD.
    • Real motivation – Of CBD sales in Australia is it is legal. CBD folks do not want Cannabis legal as it hurts CBD sales. A recent report shows 90% of OTC (over the counter) pharmacy sales and prescription sales are pain related. This mirrors those selling medical Cannabis globally (per Ethan Russo and others in NSW recently addressing what they are treating on a regular basis) of those 66% are viewed to be doing so for arthritis pain. This makes Cannabis a bigger threat than anything else to pharma, and a likely reason for the questions raised by Gregg and others like him or her that are pro-CBD.
    • GW Pharma / Bayer – GW Pharma used Bayer R&D to develop their GMO medicine from 2003, so I will refer to them together. With the recent purchasing work of Monsanto and Bayer, GW has removed some articles reference themselves and Bayer, but google “Bayer and GW 2003” you can see the links.
    • Straya – Currently NATURAL Cannabis with THC is still illegal in Australia and laws are getting worse, where everything else, synthetics / GMO / GW Pharma, hemp, industrial hemp, medical hemp, single cannabinoids etc are all legal for trials etc. Legality is based on legal uses and only ailments requiring no THC are currently legal for trials.
    DEFINITION Natural Cannabis – is 10-15% THC or higher, with 1% or less CBD. This is based on what 95% of those selling it legally are selling (Obviously outside Australia) If 95% of places selling Cannabis legally were selling high CBD, then I would be arguing cannabis with THC is not natural but that is not the truth. – You can search any Cannabis menu online for this here is a good example as they sell high CBD as well. –
    • Producing CBD naturally – I have family that are legal growers in California, growing the same genetics since 1972 when they brought back seeds from Afghanistan. It has been noted, that the same strain (and verified by growers in Australia), can produce higher CBD due to natural phenomenon or as Gregg mentioned selective breeding. However, many of these once cloned, mothered, and regrown often revert back to lower CBD. Again this can be due to many factors including THC trichomes are often viewed produced as a defense mechanism.
    • Dangers of high CBD – As natural cannabis is prevalent and has been prevalent, questions around safety of high CBD seems to go unnoticed, issues with integration of other drugs is an issue with pure / high CBD that is NOT an issue with natural Cannabis – This is also why testing of high CBD products, plants, and extracts like GW Pharma Epidiolex needs much more testing than say natural Cannabis does. There are many SAEs (Serious adverse effects) appearing from trials and even deaths. Again raising the issue of CBD being natural or not.
    WHAT IS GMO – GW Pharma / Bayer uses / used cultivars from Hortapharm. Per Hortapharm they created via chromosome manipulation various strains and cultivars for GW Pharma. This them gets into the definition of what GMO is SPECIFIC TOO and ONLY SPECIFIC TO this. Chromosome manipulation say using sulfates and other chemicals allows high CBD to be “made”. So is that GMO ? or just selective breeding techniques. One definition of GMO is, is it natural. Here I say no, and thus is GMO. You can argue with those interpretations of GMO being something else, but my interpretation is not personal just a difficulty in defining what GMO is.
    CBD used in GW Pharma – First, this You also have to ask yourself did high CBD EXIST, and was it used for medicine generally prior to Hortapharm, Bayer, and GW Pharma. You have to remember, that Cannabis was legal before it was illegal. I also defer to the paid researchers in Australia that said on video, Cannabis in Australia is defective as it has low CBD and high THC around 15%, so Australia needs new Cannabis that is high CBD as low CBD has not medical use see
    • Benefits of CBD only – Still not known, and still a problem for many we have even seen the original patients of Charlottes web move from high CBD, low THC to natural cannabis products as patients, build up tolerance and resistance to the unnatural low THC
    • Current & Future Australia Cannabis Bills – now all passed, – are now all referenced at


    • 1) This story not only needs a proof reader, it is in desperate need of a FACTS checker … the only place in the entire universe that you find any mention of GMO cannabis is in the rubbish that Loren produces … quote from the link included "Pharmacologically, C. indica landraces tend to have a higher cannabidiol (CBD) content than C. sativa strains4[5 “… ”"> … Cannabis ruderalis varieties are high in CBD … when cannabis indica is crossed with a ruderalis then resultant F1s will be high in CBD … there is nothing special about selective breeding … stop peddling this crap Loren, and get a day job … 1)
    • 2) … quote “Kush refers to a subset of strains of Cannabis indica. The origins of Kush Cannabis are from landrace plants mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India1 with the name coming from the Hindu Kush mountain range. “Hindu Kush” strains of Cannabis were taken to the United States in the mid-to-late 1970s and continue to be available there to the present day.2. Kush strains were among those cultivated by the British firm GW Pharmaceuticals for its legally licensed commercial trial of medicinal cannabis.3AND Purple Kush (Indica) crossed with Mazar I Sharif (Indica) will result in a high CBD indica strain through natural breeding …
    • 3) … the draft genome is for Cannabis sativa Purple Kush … it is not the genome for all and every cannabis plant that has ever or will ever exist/existed …
    • 4)… I searched the paper by Ethan Russo and I couldn’t find the " Marijuana (that in its natural state has a ratio of 10-15:1 THC to CBD and) as a medicine acts a certain way.: … could you please advise where you dreamt up/found/read that ? … actually, “Marijuana” isn’t even used in the body of the paper other than references at the end. What drugs are you on when you write this stuff ? …
    • 5) … this is a true indica which is high in CBD … scroll down the page and you will find the parents of Dark Star … one parent is Purple Kush and the other is Mazar I Sharif … if you check out Mazar’s parents they are Afghani true indicas … Dark Star ,a cross between Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharif, is a CBD-rich indica… How does a cannabis indica strain have a high CBD level when the family tree is all indica Loren ?? … ever heard of Cannabis Landraces ? you know , the ones which have “high” CBD levels thanks to thousands of years breeding with Ruderalis and other landraces ?
    • 6) … If what Loren is saying is true then how does she account for the Type II chemotypes that have grown around Morocco since well before Loren began peddling rubbish ? …
    • 7) …. take some time to READ this one Loren
  • paul sims
    I recently had a professor of pain rehabilitation grant me medical marijuana and sent me a form from the government ie application form it is so complicated by the time I can find a chemist to apply to dispense it and where they can import it I would be long dead its crazy I have been told my many specialists to use marijuana but the only way I can is to break the law and buy it from drug dealers risking DANGEROUS situations with undesirable people something has to be done by the government to make legitimate applications more simple thanking you (Paul .s)
  • Tom Wartai
    Bob Waterhouse, Try looking up Dr Bergman, also has a youtube and has a few video’s on cancer, a friend of mine has stage 4 and is beating it with natural therapy and has stopped his chemo.

    Admin; Thanks Bob
  • Loren Wiener
    Thanks John, I will give that an AMEN brother.
  • John Richter
    We have a functioning ‘underground’ system treating many health issues. Trying to fight for recognition or legal access is a fight against the best psychology, the best speakers and the most popular media. The only change we see more recently is more arrests and more division. You can get full plant extract from outdoor grown plants, it’s only dangerous if you forget ethanol fumes don’t like sparks as you’re producing the concentrate or you tell the wrong person and end up in the stressful court system.
    The product or the plant won’t harm but the protectionist psychopaths ensuring prohibition certainly will if you threaten their death industry income streams. We can waste our lives playing on their terms or just walk away and do what we know works. Enjoy life with good foods, fun times and possibly a new Australian state with Amish values. Don’t let the man get you down.
  • Bob Waterhouse
    My son has terminal cancer ,Primary in the Pancreas and Secondary in the Liver. He is under Chemo and has at the best only given a matter of months. There is hundreds of comments on FB giving good results for Cannabis Oil treatment. How can I get access to this treatment before the Chemo ultimately poisons him with Chemo???? We want to get him started on the Oil before his health deteriorates beyond the point of no return under Chemo. At least I believe that Cannabis Oil will Delay the onslaught of cancer and give him a longer quality of life. and even then help with the pain later on.
    Why not can access simplified, access be give to cases of this nature which are terminal. By the Govt Health Departments holding back on these sufferers they are committing Euthanasia by default, by delaying the use of Cannabis to help delay and ease suffering of patients. I am sure these recipients would give every help in monitoring the Result of the Oil Treatment for future research.
  • Gina Bucchianico
    Thanks Lauren I just know zo many people on Chemo who would benefit. It wasnt aimed at you just the situation xx
  • Loren Wiener
    Thanks Gina (I wrote the story exposing the issues not in favor of them) :-) Australia has a war on against THC in Cannabis (natural Cannabis) Laws have been changed recently to change the definition of Cannabis to include other things even those not form a plant at all. Currently Australia is rolling out licenses on who can grow, “manufacture” Cannabis products, etc but at the moment all are illegal that have THC above 2%, so really useless medicine for the most part. Check back here or over on the interwebs, and facebook If you feel inspired to help please do.
  • Gina Bucchianico
    I am so angry reading this what a waste if the tax payers money your researching what bullshit. ….fake crap chemical driven by pharmaceutical companies from signing the tppa I bet ya so we are not sued. Why not grow organic cannabis and reek the rewards in taxes. Cannabis market value is worth more than gold. I am so disappointed at how a man in white suit who has probably no need for medical marajuana or has ever smoked can decide for a whole country. Time and money being wasted to import shit again. Funny you banned smoking synthetics but you want to use as medicine
  • Loren Wiener
    Thanks Troy for your comment -

    • The layers of GWPharma (GW) are as interesting as much as they are scary. You raise some good points but take a bit of explaining to address. GW patents are what it is all about to secure their niche. Their niche was to capitalize on the good medicine of Cannabis but to sell it needed to reduce or remove the high and some other wise reduce exactly duplicating Cannabis. To address that you have to go back a bit.
    • Cannabis for medicinal use was legalised in the USA in California in 1996. Pharma was not an issue then and only recently in the USA. GWPharma (GW) and similar pharmaceuticals companies were not legalised for another 10 years (2006). This means pharma has had 20 years to build relationships with governments and in the case of GW embed themselves in the Australia Government, however to do that they must partner with even larger pharmaceutical companies.
    • In Australia that is Novartis a $150b pharmaceutical distributor of many products GW being one. However, GW also competes with other products so have to fight against other parts of big pharma. Bayer AG, is the largest distributor of GW and the only distributor in North America. They are currently in the process of buying Monsanto USA, for $65b AUD. GW’s history goes back to having custom made strains made by Hortapharm – including the work of Robert C Clarke and David Watson.
    • If you believe the stories there are also CIA connections there, but I leave you to google those stories. Cancer – The best treatment so far for Cancer has been natural Cannabis with a 10-15% THC to 1% or less CBD, made into a concentrated oil, increasing potency to 6×. Thus making an oil that is % CBD and 60-70% THC. However, it makes you very high but the body adjusts as it is natural. Dosage is very small initially about the size of a grain of rice.
    • You raise another interesting point that the laws around having access to the medicine. Though slightly different than you mentioned, there will be serious challenges to the human rights aspect of Cannabis, and laws forbidding access to medicine such as Cannabis, will be tested in the courts multiple times in 2016-2017. The trouble thus far is GW cannot at this stage introduce an exact copy of Cannabis because it is illegal and if it was the same exactly, they could not justify the $17,000 per year price tag. But that is just the beginning of their challenges. GW Pharma did well initially on trials of their product Sativex, donating over $1m into Australia alone from 2011 per the public audits, emails and video hailing Sativex as "The Methadone like cure for Cannabis addiction), though, Sativex is about 1/10th as strong as Cannabis so requires 10 doses to reach the same effect.
    • Sativex failed in stage 3 trials, as the 50/50 THC/CBD ratios meant it was not good for pain medication the number one use of Cannabis in the world for medical use. GW was in trouble. However, working on the fears of countries like Australia where they still wage the war on Cannabis and especially THC, their new product Epidiolex is THC free, so countries like Australia have passed bills to call it Cannabis.
    • Recent videos show a team of GW researchers in Australia talking and laughing about how they are going to spend $34m on medical cannabis without any Cannabis. Trials of Epidiolex product have also been problematic making folks sick and 2 died during trials in the USA already.
    • All of this combined with all the misinformation in recent bills and legislature, and most recently the trickery that makes many Australians think Cannabis is on the way to being legal for ANYTHING, and resulting refusal of the main parties to discuss Cannabis means we need more focused voting, and for people to just want the truth. The Drug Reform Party with the Free Cannabis Initiative is the best hope to do that.
  • Dean Lewis
    Tom john, thats all good except if you don’t have an android or apple phone.
  • Tim Koelewyn
    Just another case of big Pharma getting hold of a brilliant medicine possibly the best and completely stuffs up its potential by changing the THC-CBD mix. By changing it from a natural medicine to a GMO medicine they can patent the product and create a massive profit. Big Pharma understand that Natural Medical Cannabis is a massive threat to their monopoly with their drugs on disease and as usual through their Lobbyists always manage to get laws passed for their benefit and profit. I firmly believe that supply of natural non GMO backyard medical cannabis will flourish as a result of this legislation. How ignorant is our government.
  • Nick Horsley
    Cannabis is an asexual plant. This is why males and females experience the high and medicinal relief. Removing either the THC or CBD from the mixture could be comparable to removing the male or female from a relationship.
  • Ryder Management Inc
    GW UK (a.k.a. GW Pharmaceuticals) is a known British biopharmaceutical company. A biopharmaceutical refers to drugs produced using biotechnology. Biotechnology is a genetically engineered process which differs from extracting plant based chemicals. GW Pharma’s synthetic cannnabinoid based drugs are GE. It should also be noted that the number of drugs of biotechnological origin has increased exponentially in recent years.
  • Loren Wiener
    Dear Mr Wood,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.
    I wrote the article and I note you live in my old neck of the woods, for I grew up in Manchester worked in Rochdale, and covered that whole part of the world, to Leeds etc. for a while, before moving to California, then here it paradise or as some call it ‘Australia’. I do not miss the English weather but some of the food I do.

    “I looked a this in great detail and have the technical papers from Hortapharm and various other articles, books, interviews and some on video. Let me tell you where I got this from then you can see what you think.
    I am also seeing Robert Clarke, and Ethan Russo and others here in mid May, here in Australia will get a few of these answered then if not before.

    Also though not 110% relevant, as you ar elikely aware Cannabis was legislated and legal in California in 1996 where my crusade started and GW UK not legal until 2006 so 10 years later, making the dynamic very different in that it was never a problem in the USA, or per some folks I spoke to even on anyone’s radar.

    The relationship with the US timeline makes GW UK unimportant in the USA in terms of scale. The dynamic is different, but the facts are not. Also I would be remiss if I did not say the work Hortapharm has done on genetics, is viewed as amazing or god like by many as well as all the mystery with the CIA and DEA rumors.

    For due diligence as a journalist, a month before I wrote the article, I started asking everyone, from Hortapharm (Robert C Clarke himself,), GW UK, (twice) the TGA in Australia, our FDA, (formally) and the Commonwealth Government to confirm or deny. I have received no comments from any other than the official Australian Government request that they say can take 40 working days. A simple they are not GMO and why, is all that is needed. Also I am also consulting currently for the Australian Federal Commonwealth against the state government on other Cannabis legislature and asked them as well, and met with, “I will have to get back to you” . This proves nothing just that I am trying to do due diligence here;

    Initial Thoughts -

    1) The responsibility of whether GW UK product is or is not GMO actually sits with GW UK and not Hortapharm, but my view was if Hortapharm is GMO then it is easier to determine in my mind, so I went that way also.

    2) If GW UK are or are not GMO they need to address paperwork either way in Australia per guidance 21.1 in our TGA that references medicines produced by genetic manipulation and “the gene technology act of 2000” – A similar process is in place for the FDA, EPA and others in the USA, and I guess in the UK ?. So they are not in the register.

    The specific points are;
    • Hortapharm – David Watson CEO Hortapharm said in early 2004, they used Chromosome manipulation for GW UK seeds. Robert C Clarke said they also used bio-control methods for pests. – So is chromosome manipulation GMO ? I am no botanist but folks seem to think yes. Bio control have have people on the fence, so might be selective breeding but chromosome manipulation I am not so sure of.
    • That aside for a moment, even if the plants, and seeds were not GMO, then you have to address the actual process from plant to completed product. There you get into intellectual property rights so discovering the GW UK process is even more difficult. I look forward to the government answering my formal questions.
    • Is your contention that Hortapharm B. V. is not GMO or that GW UK is not GMO, or neither?

    Finally, the government here has taken some crazy steps recently in actually re-defining the definition of the word Cannabis evolving it from just a plant specie or genus and sub genus to sort of a noun using an old 1937 Cannabis definition. The noun now means anything that contains elements of Cannabis.
    GW UK produces products ranging from 100% THC and 0% CBD to 0% THC to 100% CBD to a 100% CBDv another isolated cannabinoid, that has no THC or CBD. This means use of the words Cannabis, Medical Cannabis, Cannabis products etc can be anything.

    The article is a response to the announcement that Medical Cannabis will now be legal but then going on to say it is only within the scope of trials using GW UK and similar products.

    Thank you in advance


    Loren W.
  • Ben Wood
    You appear to be confusing selectively bred cannabis with GMO cannabis. Sativex is not produced with GMO cannabis and I have yet to see any evidence that GW pharma or Hortapharm have produced any GM products or seeds.

    Admin – See comments above & can Google "Hortapharm Genetic GW Pharma’ , should bring up some links for you.
  • Lilly Scott
    leave it alone let it grow naturally you don’t have the sick and cancer ridden peoples best interest at heart, we are not your test tubes changes are coming
  • Lilly Scott
    Dr Swanson: GMOs Cause Increase in Chronic Diseases, Infertility and Birth Defects
  • Lilly Scott
    10 Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health Over the past few years, a number of countries have completely banned GMOs and the pesticides that go along with them, and they are doing so for a reason. The latest country to consider a complete ban is Russia after top government scientists recommended at least a 10 year ban. If anybody ever tells you that we know with one hundred percent certainty that GMOs are totally safe to eat, they haven’t done their research. There is no reason GM foods should be approved safe for consumption, we just don’t know enough about them. We could easily feed the planet through organic, GMO free methods, there is absolutely no reason we need GM foods around.
    Below I’ve presented just a bit of information to get you started on your research if you’re interested.
    1. Multiple Toxins From GMOs Detected In Maternal and Fetal Blood
    2. DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Can Be Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them
    3. New Study Links GMOs To Gluten Disorders That Affect 18 Million Americans
    4. Study Links Genetically Modified Corn to Rat Tumors
    GM Crop Production is Lowering US Yields and Increasing Pesticide Use
    5. Glyphosate Induces Human Breast Cancer Cells Growth via Estrogen Receptors
    6. Glyphosate Linked To Birth Defects
    7. Study Links Glyphosate To Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
    8. Chronically Ill Humans Have Higher Glyphosate Levels Than Healthy Humans
    9. Studies Link GMO Animal Feed to Severe Stomach Inflammation and Enlarged Uteri in Pigs
    10. GMO risk assessment is based on very little scientific evidence in the sense that the testing methods recommended are not adequate to ensure safety. (12)
    So, if anybody ever tells you that GMOs are completely safe for consumption, it’s not true. We just don’t know enough about them to make such a definitive statement. A lot of evidence actually points to the contrary.














    (13) Reese W, Schubert D. Safety testing and regulation of genetically engineered foods. Biotechnol Genet Eng Rev. 2004;21:299–324

    (14) Schubert D. A different perspective on GM food. Nat Biotechnol. 2002;20:969–969.

    Watch This Cancer Documentary Free!

    The Truth About Cancer is a powerful docu-series that goes through groundbreaking research behind cancer, treatment and new information that we can all benefit from.

    The reality is, cancer is growing epidemic and it’s because of a number of factors, including the mainstreams reluctancy to want to talk about prevention and why mainstream cures don’t work well.

    This docu-series is probably one of the most important around and was considered too controversial to air on TV.
  • Scott Buglar
    Is our government fucking retarded? Synthetic marijuana is just stupid, it’s already killed so many people, just give us normal marijuana so our people can survive through the ill-est of times, this might be the only time I say this but we need to follow America with this, it’s a herb that can help so many people, but you know, the government and big pharma companies won’t be able to make much profit if that happens, I believe this survey if falsely done, many people would disagree with synthetic marijuana and would rather go with REAL marijuana.
  • Dean Lewis
    The corporate vampire squid strikes again. So disheartening
  • Leonard Griffiths
    When was th survey done, I’ve not been asked, 200+ friends & family not been asked, so where do you get th 91% of th Australian population from. In th day it was organic, Unadulterated, No chemical or Political Interferences. No GMO foods.
  • RadhaMa WhiteCrow
    We do not want you GMO engineered health damaging garbage. This is a ruse. Stop pretending that you have heard the people.