There is a better way to regulate the use of drugs in Australia.

  • A way that supports Australians who use drugs, rather than punishing them.

  • A way that reduces harm.

  • A way that has huge economic and social benefits while reducing reliance on the black market.

  • A way that creates a safer system for our community.

Drug Policy Australia proudly advocates for a repair of Australia’s drug laws that would ultimately lead to a legally regulated system.

Renowned international author Johann Hari, former High Court Justice The Hon Michael Kirby, and leading addiction specialist Dr John Sherman have all joined the movement.

I am one of 8 million otherwise law-abiding Australians who have used an illicit drug during their lifetime. I speak on behalf of the vulnerable and disenfranchised who will continue to use drugs regardless of the law. 

I put this case on behalf of all Australians who have been prosecuted, demeaned, and vilified for drug use, and for the many who have lost their freedom and even their lives pursuing an activity that should not be a crime. 

Surely there is a Better Way?