How to use DanceSafe Fentanyl Test Strips

DanceSafe's new and improved fentanyl test strips - your ultimate guide!

Testing your drugs with DanceSafe’s new fentanyl test strips is easy and allows you to enjoy yourself safely without fear. 

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to detect fentanyl using DanceSafe's testing strips. Massive thanks to DanceSafe USA for the original version of this information.

It is crucial to follow the three steps correctly and exactly when testing your drugs for fentanyl. Failure to follow the instructions could lead to inaccurate test results. 

Diluting your drugs is an important first step. Detailed instructions on the correct way to dilute your drugs based on the type of drug you are testing are listed below. 

It is also important that you wait a full three minutes after dipping your strip before determining the test results. 


  • Although the new DanceSafe fentanyl test strips are more effective than others on the market, no fentanyl test strips can detect every fentanyl analog with 100% accuracy.
  • A negative test result does not mean that your drugs are 100% free from synthetic opioids.
  • A negative test result does not mean that your drugs are safe to use.
  • As always, you should be following other safety tips to ensure that you are using drugs as safely as possible.
  • Do not take substances alone, and always carry naloxone.

Chocolate chip cookie effect

Drugs cut with fentanyl are never mixed evenly. Like a chocolate chip cookie, your baggie or pressed pill could have no fentanyl on one side and a fatal dose on the other. That is why we recommend testing everything you’re consuming by dissolving your entire dose in water. It is the safest way to test your drugs.

If you cannot test your entire baggie, you can test a sample of your drugs. For the best results, DanceSafe recommends testing at least 50mg. It is important to evenly distribute any fentanyl that may be present in your baggie to ensure that it is included in your sample and detected on the test strip. To do so, crush your drugs into a fine powder, and then thoroughly shake or stir the baggie. 

Detailed Instructions

STEP 1) Diluting your drugs for testing

Diluting your drugs in the correct amount of water is a critical step to ensure accurate test results. As a general rule, dilute 50mg of powder in 1 teaspoon of water.

Different drugs will require different methods, as detailed below.

1) Weigh the drugs

If you have a milligram scale available, use it to get an accurate weight of the substance you will be testing. If you don’t have scale available, you can use the 10 mg micro scoop that comes with the DanceSafe fentanyl test strip kit.

2) Place the drugs into a small mixing container
3) Add water

Mixing in the correct amount of water is a crucial step.

For every 50 mg of powder, add 1 teaspoon (5ml) of water. This is true for all drug types.

For accurate measurements, use measuring spoons that are used for baking. If you do not have these available, you can use a standard bottle cap to measure. One standard size bottle cap is slightly larger than a standard teaspoon. 

4) Mix until the powder is completely dissolved 

Beware of fake oxycodin with Fentanyl contamination
1) Crush your tablets into a fine powder

2) Place your powder into a small mixing container

3) Add approximately 12 teaspoons of water (a quarter cup)

4) Mix until the powder is mostly dissolved. Some of the binder compounds in the powder may not dissolve in water. That is okay.


Follow the same steps as detailed above for pharmaceutical pills.

1) Cut a small section off the tab

2) Soak the section in 1 teaspoon of water for a full 10 minutes


For your safety, you should test every time before you inject. The easiest method is to test the residue from your spoon or cooker.

1) Prepare your shot, and set your needle aside before you inject

2) Add 1/5th of a teaspoon (1ml) to your spoon or cooker

3) Mix gently

STEP 2) Testing your drugs using the DanceSafe test strips

Once your drugs have been properly diluted, they can be tested using the DaceSafe fentanyl test strips. 

Follow these 3 steps:

  1. While holding the yellow end of the test strip, insert the other end into your diluted drug liquid. Make sure that you do not insert the strip past the dotted section on the other end of the strip. 
  2. Keep the strip submerged in the liquid for 15 seconds. The liquid should gradually travel up the strip.
  3. Remove the strip from the liquid and place it on a flat surface. The results will begin to appear in around 3 minutes.

STEP 3) Confirming the test results 

Once three minutes have passed, your test results will be ready.

If the result is POSITIVE for fentanyl: Your test strip will show one red line close to the yellow end of the test strip.

If the result is NEGATIVE for fentanyl: Your test strip will show two red lines. Even if one of the red lines is faint after waiting for a full three minutes, it is still a NEGATIVE result.

If your test is INVALID: Your strip will show no red lines.

It is crucial to wait a full three minutes before interpreting the test results.

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