Our Story

Australians need and deserve better drug policies.

In February 2014, some of Australia's most experienced drug and alcohol professionals held meetings acknowledging this reality. They were particularly alarmed by the disbanding of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, the AOD sector's peak body.

Led by addiction specialist Dr John Sherman, epidemiologist Professor Nick Crofts, Family Drug Support CEO Tony Trimingham, Lawyer Stephanie Tzanetis, and Greg Chipp, the group agreed that Australia's drug laws were outdated and in urgent need of reform.

Greg's own lived experience of addiction reinforced their view. Australia's drug laws did nothing to stop Greg from becoming addicted, and they did nothing to help him overcome his addiction. Instead, he pulled through because of the love and support of his family and access to first-rate rehabilitation services.

These meetings ultimately led to the founding of Drug Policy Australia (DPA).

Ever since we have been a lightning rod for everyday people who support systemic change to Australia’s drug policies.

"Our mission is to end discriminatory drug policies that stigmatise vulnerable people."
Greg Chipp

DPA has engaged with the community through our advocacy work at town hall events, appearances at government inquiries, distribution of fentanyl and drug testing kits, and festivals across Australia promoting our end goal – a safer legally regulated system of drug control. We also support a range of other actions, including decriminalisation, pill testing, and safe injecting centres that help Australians touched by drug use, their families and the broader community.

Because our advocacy work influences government, we rely on philanthropic funding and private donations. As a registered charity, all donations to DPA are fully tax-deductible.

To remain independent we do not accept Government funding.

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