Legal regulation of drugs would be a reckless leap toward dangerous, unknown risks.

  • Prohibition was a leap into the unknown. It has failed on its own terms and caused a litany of dangers we now know all too well.
  • We already regulate many risky activities and substances. For medical purposes, we produce and provide many otherwise restricted drugs (opiates as morphine, amphetamine as Adderall and Cannabis as CBD oil, etc.), without the violence and corruption that characterise the illegal trade.
  • Many countries have undertaken successful reforms: such as the legalisation or decriminalisation of Cannabis in Uruguay; Canada and many US states; the decriminalisation of all drugs in Portugal; and the legalisation of heroin in Switzerland. 
  • We can also apply what we have learned from the regulation of other risky but legal activities and substances, of which there are many.
  • Policy changes will be carefully weighed and debated, before incremental introduction and on-going monitoring, subject to revision. We are arguing for an approach that is responsive to evidence.

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