• Support for the legal regulation of drugs is snowballing in Australia and around the world. This is particularly true for Cannabis: in the US, support for legalisation increased from 24% to 66% between 1988 and 2018.  
  • Consequently, individual US states and multiple other countries are moving to legalise Cannabis. Their example will demonstrate the policy’s effectiveness and potential for application to other psychoactive substances.
  • Sometimes politicians can lead the debate. In Uruguay, President Jose Mujica moved ahead of public opinion to legalise Cannabis. He specifically decried the way that state actors tend to develop a self-interest in continuing even failed policies: "The state has a number of pathologies, and one of them is that whoever is performing a task starts thinking that that task is the centre of the world. Everyone wants to think that their job is socially essential". 
  • There is a growing wave of former government and law enforcement figures publicly advocating for legalisation. They are not being censured or vilified in the same way they would have only a few years previous. The former Premier of NSW and Foreign Minister the Hon Bob Carr and many former politicians now fully support reform.

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