Getting Ready to Test for Fentanyl

Getting ready to test for fentanyl

Drugs cut with fentanyl are never mixed evenly. Your baggie could have no fentanyl in one side and a fatal dose in the other. We recommend testing everything you’re consuming by dissolving your entire dose in water.

If you consume your drugs orally, you can simply drink the water after testing. For powdered drugs, you can evaporate the water after testing by leaving the sample in a dark, dry location for a while.

Alternatively, you can test a 10mg (minimum) cross-section of what you intend to consume using the red micro spoon we included.

Beforehand, make sure you crush everything into a fine powder, then shake the sample as thoroughly as possible. This helps distribute everything more evenly, which will help the strips detect fentanyl in your sample.


Fentanyl measuring spoon to test your sampole


Once you've decided how to prepare your drugs for testing, click one of the "Diluting your sample" tabs below to continue.

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