Newsletter April 2024

     April 30, 2024 ·   · 3 reactions

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    From small steps at the United Nations to major cannabis reforms in Germany, change is in the air.

    At home, we’ve had big wins in Queensland, where Pill testing is a go, and smaller victories in NSW and Victoria, where both state Premiers have indicated they are looking at pill testing. Want to know more?

    Read on for the latest news.

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  • Newsletter December 2023

     December 22, 2023 ·   · 1 reaction

  • We have good news to share as Christmas approaches and another year ends.

    Key highlights in Australia include Canberra's groundbreaking move to decriminalize personal drug possession and Queensland's progressive step towards implementing drug-checking. These developments are not just milestones; they signal a seismic shift towards more rational and compassionate policies.

    There is a growing consensus among the public and politicians that the current drug laws are counterproductive and not fit for purpose. The upcoming year is crucial, especially with the NSW Drug Summit on the horizon and the topic of cannabis legalization gaining traction in multiple state and federal parliaments.

    Let's dive in with the most significant good news for the year!

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  • Newsletter September 2023

     September 25, 2023 ·   · 1 reaction

  • As a fellow drug reform warrior, we've got good news!

    From the historic decriminalisation of personal drug possession in Canberra to the burgeoning push for legal cannabis, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment.

    We will also explore the latest international news, from Canada’s game-changing safe supply programs to the cannabis reforms sweeping across the globe.

    Let's dive right in with the good news!

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  • Newsletter May 2023

     May 29, 2023 ·   · 1 reaction

  • We're excited to share these recent successes in the battle for drug law reform.

    Of course, the reforms are incremental, but we're witnessing the once impenetrable wall of prohibition start to crack and crumble. Each crack signifies progress, and each crumbling piece is a step closer to our shared vision of a more enlightened drug policy!

    So read on as we examine the latest breakthroughs!

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