How has the war on drugs affected you or a loved one?

Please tell your story to help others understand.

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    Tell us your story...Has the war on drugs affected you or a loved one? Help others understand.
  • Melissa Dent
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    One of my oldest friends went to the doctor with severe pain in his upper abdomen. The doctor accused him of drug seeking and refused to refer. Overcoming the pain and psychological distress, he found a better doctor who quickly arranged an appointment with a liver specialist. My friend passed away from liver failure only days before the appointment. As long as it is legal to discriminate, we have no hope that this will stop.
  • Cads Jones
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    I have chronic back pain want to trying pot just to see if better than all the tablets I take
  • Anonymous Feedback
    commented 2017-06-20 14:51:59 +1000
    I’ve injured my shoulders from weightlifting and even though i’m only 17 I use cannabis for both medical and recreational uses. It helps keep me pain free, gets rid of my depression (making me a generally happy person), it helps me concentrate at school and actually gives me motivation to do things that I normally consider mundane (schoolwork, washing the car, cooking etc.) I think cannabis should be completely legalised so people can stop getting criminal records by self medicating themselves. I’ve tried many drugs to try block/fix my shoulder pain from valium and xanax to pain killers like codeine. Nothing worked except for cannabis. There’s less chance of addiction and has little negative effects compared to other legal prescription drugs that are used for anything cannabis can fix.
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    Tell us your story...Has the war on drugs affected you or a loved one? Help others understand.
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    Tell us your story...Has the war on drugs affected you or a loved one? Help others understand.
  • ann stanley
    commented 2017-03-29 13:04:48 +1100
    i have parkinsons disease ik would liker to try medical mariphara
  • paul sims
    commented 2016-12-05 16:34:51 +1100
    i have been trying for the last few months to get accsess to medical marijuana after my pain specialist said he whould prescribe it and its all bull the government say there is no accsess outside clinical trials only way is to import yourself but so far nobody has been granted permission to do so although there are applications awaiting approval so legal medical marijuana is a big bag of government bull**** yet again when will someone who knows about this get given permission to do it properly instead of the government blowing hot air up our asses
  • Peter Tomahawk
    commented 2016-07-26 20:43:14 +1000
    I have smoked Marijuana since I was a teen.

    I have also tried other drugs like:

    *Alcohol, which made me feel agro & agitated. I was always looking for a fight. So I stopped & I’ll be lucky to have a 6 pack of bear within a year. Hate feeling drunk!

    *Smoked Heroin x3 times. DID NOTHING TO ME? So I didn’t bother with it.

    *Popped Ecstasy pills & yes I liked it but HATED the come down so much that it turned me off.

    *Tried Acid trips. Fun but too intense for my liking.

    *Tried Cocaine numerous times & didn’t see the big WOW thing about it?

    *Tried Speed, Base & other amphetamines but didn’t like it.

    I have been on Oxy Contin (which made me feel like an Oxy Moron, Endones (which made me suicidal), Valium & heaps of other “LEGAL” prescription drugs & all had negative effects on me.

    I have always enjoyed Marijuana & could not understand what the big deal is with legalization for it?

    The things Marijuana helps me with:




    *Chronic pain which I have & Marijuana helps 150% better then prescription pills.

    *Getting off prescription pills!


    *Enjoying life & nature

    *Thinking deeply & opening my eyes to this BS world we live in.

    The list can go on & on…

    I worked on the mine sites where Drug & Alcohol tests are performed & I passed each one, even though I was smoking synthetic stuff (Next best thing but scary but I had a good paying job.

    Now I am finding it hard to find work due to the Drug tests, especially the urine test.

    The urine test is Discriminatory & (in my eyes) is an invasion of my privacy.

    Discrimination? Yes, Any other Hard drug is out of your system within 2 days, where as Marijuana takes a long time to get out of the system (took me 3 months & 3 weeks to clean up, but I was smoking daily). So a Urine test will give you a positive even though you are not impaired after a few weeks. Is it fair? So Drug tests are the Gateway to heavier drugs.

    A good majority of people I know on the mines are on Ice, Heroin, Cocaine, Psychedelics & god knows what else but they are there making the BIG $$$ because they can pass a Drug test.


    Invasion of privacy? Yes, Drug tests pick up Marijuana in your system even though you are not impaired, thus, you get punished for something you did at home, NOT AT WORK!

    I have always worked & tried staying away from Centrelink like it has Ebola but thanks to the drug tests I am forced to apply for the Dole now.

    How is that fair? Im responsible, hard working & over all a good average guy who has dreams BUT I like to have a few cones after work instead of having a drink.

    Now, how is this fair? You drink alcohol & next morning you blow 0’s but are you fit for work?

    Hell no. You will have a headache, feel down & out, agitated, irritated & you are definitely working harder on your everyday tasks.

    I smoke weed, feel relaxed, enjoy my dinner, enjoy watching TV, have such a good sleep, wake up rested with no side effect or feeling stoned (This is just me, not speaking for everyone else)

    & I’m good to go.

    So my story is that a good person who is not a criminal (Don’t go saying I break the law which was made to accommodate Big pharmaceuticals because we all break the law one way or another) who wants to work & contribute to society but is forced to 1, Stop what I enjoy,

    2, Forced to try Alcohol or Harder drugs if I want to work.

    So I guess I’m going to Centrelink & get some of my TAX money back & look for work cash in hand. What choice do I have?

    I could go on & on but even this letter will fall on death ears.

    What a world we live in.

  • michael ougarezos
    commented 2016-04-16 12:59:14 +1000
    thank you to our government for doing the right thing to save lives with the cannabis oil. my wife had only a few weeks to live and after 3 weeks of using the thc and cbd oil she is starting to prosper and i feel she may have a chance now. this plant is a god sent and it is a blessing. this plant should only be used on sick people and not to use it for other than that.
  • Craig Goodwin
    commented 2016-02-01 21:21:16 +1100
    I am 52 years old I have been happily married for 30 years and have 4 beautiful children, I am a Christian man and a Deacon at the River City Church in Taree NSW.I have been smoking and using cannabis in it’s various forms for 40 years and have never experienced a bad effect from it, although I have been getting in trouble with the law and police the entire time I have been using cannabis, I got my first criminal record at 14 for possession and utensils( bong) and then started a constant endless circle of arrest and my home being raided for cannabis, even my wife and children had to endure this terror brought on through prohibition of a herb, things got a lot worse in 2013 when I was diagnosed with Terminal liver cancer and given 2 years to live, my wife and I went on line looking for natural cures for cancer and low and behold all we were finding was information about cannabis oil cures cancer, I thought well I know how to grow the stuff so let’s do this and make oil to try and save my life, after doing this and beating cancer in 8 weeks, totally cured no sign of cancer, the police came to our property on an unrelated visit at Wich time the police officer said he could smell cannabis so called in the goon squad and found cannabis I was growing for my cancer treatment, I was charged with large scale indoor advanced hydrophobic cultivation even though the plants were not hydrophobic and supply of a commercial quantity of cannabis because of the amount found, I was released on bail, afew weeks later I was contacted by hundreds of sick & dying people who wanted cannabis oil to try as a cure for their Terminal illness, I decided to grow and make medicine for 3 people, a 67 year old male with nose throat and pallet cancer, a 7 year old boy from Victoria with a 3 cm brain tumor and a little girl with multiple brain tumors who was in bear cottage palliative care on morphine, as a Christian man of God I felt it was my duty to help these people so I set about growing and preparing to make medicine for them. Three days before picking their medicine I was raided by police and refused bail even whilst telling the police and court what and who I was doing this for, I was remanded in custody for 10 months awaiting trail, so on 2 lots of separated charges for major commercial coltivation of cannabis and supply cannabis two sick & dying people I faced Taree District Court, we supplied medical evidence about my liver cancer and had people turn up to court that I was helping with cannabis medicine, all charges were dropped and I was told to go home with no further action, then 4 months later ther police raided my home again even though they know I am one of the most known cannabis medicine suppliers in NSW all free of charge, I was charged again and put through the courts, the whole time being harassed by the local police at every turn, the court through out the charges when police were found to be telling lies in statements & falsifying evidence so it looked like these police had a major fix on me and an axe to grind, then in late 2015 I caught three of the same detectives placing cameras at the back of my property trying to catch me again even though they know I am a compassionate medical cannabis advocate,

    All this for a plant that has never caused me a problem and a plant that so many Australians want access to for their health and the police and the law have done nothing to change my mind, I will as long as I live smoke and consume cannabis and fight for it’s totall and complete legalization. Peace and love to all my fellow cannabis warriors
  • Al Cooper
    commented 2016-02-01 19:24:24 +1100
    I started smoking pot at the age of 12, it was easily obtained on the Northern Beaches of Sydney during the very early 70’s. I smoked recreationally until I was involved in a serious MVA (1977) in which I suffered severe head and facial injuries, neck and upper torso injuries. During rehabilitation I was prescribed many drugs, Codeine, Mogadon, Valium, Dilantin and more. The effects of theses drugs were horrific, I decided to use Cannabis as a means of coping with the other drugs …. eventually weaning myself of all prescription drugs by using only cannabis.

    In 1979 I was convicted of possession, utensils and all that goes with it. Within 18 months I had been caught 3 times with pot and utensils … this was the start of my criminal convictions. I don’t know how many times I’ve been charged with pot related offences since then, it seriously would reach 70+ charges. I have previously been blatant when carrying or having pot in my home, it was my meds, something I needed morning, noon and night.

    I have spent time in jail on a few occasions, have been placed on probation and had suspended jail terms. Every few years I get caught, even at my age (56) I am on a “suspended” 28 month jail term for possession and growing a few plants on my farm. If it weren’t for a great Lawyer I’d be in jail now.

    Now I can’t smoke, I have been on fortnightly and monthly (2yrs) urine testing, until next week. They (doc’s and physics) have me on some weird shit, antidepressants, pain relief etc, a cocktail which doesn’t work as effectively as a good old fashion smoke of my home grown …. oh, they tell me I will be on these prescription drugs for the remaining years of my life. 👎

    I am happily married, I have a beautiful wife, 3 great daughters and a terrific son, I am also a grandfather. None of my family smoke pot or consume cannabis or any other illicit drug. My use has not turned them into drug addicts, it has actually opened their eyes to medicinal use of cannabis. Their story is a brutal one, not only have they had to watch me suffer with chronic conditions, they have had to suffer while I’ve been in jail, when I’ve had to pay big fines and when they are involved in a police raid. And now that I can’t grow a plant or 2, my family suffers because I have to pay someone for a bag of weed (meds) …. my wife works part time and I am on DSP.

    Time to stop the bullshit, we don’t need studies, there are models around the world that are working fantastically. Prohibition has NOT worked, it has put us back 80+ years of understanding this wonder plant and the many benifits for mankind.

    Get with the times – REALIZE LEGALIZE Australia !