The National Ice Action Strategy

     December 18, 2015 ·  

  • The National Ice Action Strategy

    Harm Reduction Australia’s Statement on the National Ice Action Strategy

    Harm Reduction Australia has welcomed the Federal Government’s first step to shift from a law enforcement focus to a health-based approach to addressing drug issues in Australia.

    There is little doubt that the Government recognises the evidence and value of treating drug use as a health issue.

    However, if Australia’s response is to evolve, be agile and truly reflect the current evidence, then there is a pressing need for all governments to also embrace harm reduction as a critical component of their health based response to drug use.

    While demonstrating real progress, the recent announcement falls short of this mark.

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  • Drug Addiction in Australia

     October 28, 2015 ·  

  • "Drug Addiction in Australia" is a fascinating new book by Doctor John Sherman, an addiction specialist who is an expert in the treatment of heroin dependence.

    It is based on John’s experience working with heroin addicts in Melbourne over 40 years in specialist clinics in St Kilda and Footscray.

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